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Feng Zhi Qiang Taijiquan Video Series

Silkreeler website does not handle the order taking nor fulfillment of orders.

If you have questions regarding your order, please either:
  • write (pen and paper, no email sorry) to Master and Mrs Zhang at their home: 1320 25th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122 USA
  • call them at +1.415.566.1458 and please bear in mind that you will need to speak slowly and clearly since their English is functional but not quite fluent
Price: $50 for each VHS tape or DVD (NTSC format).

Note: Only Volume IV: Hun Yuan 83 form are available as DVDs, Volume I - III are available only in VHS

Please order by writing a letter, including personal check or cashier check in US$ only, no credit card and COD. Remember to make these payable to Zhang Xue Xin. Send order indicating the quantity and the corresponding format (VHS in NTSC or PAL) along with full payment (cost plus shipping and handling) to:

Zhang Xue Xin
1320 25th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122 USA

Please remember to add Shipping and handling fees to your order:

Domestic USA:
$3.00 each tape for the first five tapes/disc. (in US)
$18.00 for any order of six to ten tapes/disc. (in US)
$20.00 for any order of more than ten tapes/disc (in US)

$5.00 each tape for the first five tapes/disc. (outside US)
$30.00 for any order of six to ten tapes/disc. (outside US)
$35.00 for any order of more than ten tapes/disc. (outside US)

For PAL format (i.e., non-USA/Japan) - there is an additional $5/each tape for the PAL version to cover the additional conversion charges. (PAL copies are made from the original master tape).

Volume I: Silk Reeling Exercises

The Feng Zhiqiang video series is devoted to the forms and exercises of Chen-style Taijiquan as taught by Feng Zhiqiang, 18th generation master of Chen-style Taijiquan. This video on silk-reeling is the first tape in this series. Other videos under consideration include Huanyuan Qigong and the short- (i.e., 24-, 48-posture and 24 cannon) and long (i.e., 83-/Yilu and 71-posture/Erlu/Cannon fist) forms that constitute this style.

Silk-reeling exercises consist of a series of spiral movements used to develop the basic strengths and coordination of Taijiquan. This set of exercises will also open up and exercise the 18 major joints of the body (in sequence from the head to the ankles). The complete set of silk-reeling exercises in 35 movements is presented in this video tape by Master Zhang Xue Xin. Some applications are also demonstrated in the last part of this tape.

Volume II: Hun Yuan Qigong

This video on Hun Yuan Qigong is the second tape in this series.

Hun Yuan Qigong exercises mix the prenatel and postnatel qi and cultivates the 3 treasures: jing, the life essence; qi, the vital energy, and shen, the spirit or awareness. These exercises also help bring in the yang energy from the heaven above and yin energy from the earth below to combine with the human vital energy.

The cultivation of these energies within the body can improve the health and martial abilities of the practitioner. The external movements throughout the exercises are used to guide the yi (intent) of the internal energy.

This videotape tape consists of two parts:

Part 1: Twenty five movements of Hun Yuan Qigong exercises as demonstrated by Master Zhang.
Part 2: Twenty four posture Hun Yuan Taiji form demonstrated by Master Zhang and several of his students.

Volume III: Hun Yuan 24 Form

This video on Hun Yuan 24 Form is the third tape in this series.

The video is divided into 3 sections:
Section 1: Hun Yuan 24 form demonstrated by Master Zhang (~10 min)
Section 2: The Four Ordinal Energies explained by Master Zhang (~10 min)
Section 3: Detail explaination of Hunyuan 24 form, demonstrated by Master Zhang, narrated by Brian Guan. (~30 min)

Volume IV: Hun Yuan 83 Form

This video on Chen Style Hun Yuan Yi Lu 83 Form is the fourth tape in this series. In this video, you will see Master Zhang demonstrate the form twice, first viewed from the front and the second viewed from the back. This videotape tape is intended as a demonstration of the 83 form, not a step by step detail instruction. (That I heard will be Volime V, the next video in the series.)