24 Cannon Moves


feng/1 zhi\ qiang/ lao~ shi- chen/ shi\ tai\ ji/ er\ shi/ si\ pao\

Chen Style 24 Canon Fist by Master Feng Zhi Qiang

Section I【第一段】di\ yi- duan\

1. 無極抓閉式 wu/ ji/ zhua- bi\ shi\

Literal Translation: “Nothing, Ultimate2, Grab, Close, Posture”

Descriptive Translation: Grab and Close

2. 肘下見捶 zhou/ xia\ jian\ chui/

Literal Translation: “Elbow, Below, See, Fist”

Descriptive Translation: Fist under Elbow

3. 野馬分鬃 ye/ ma~ fen- zong-

Literal Translation: “Wild, Horse, Part, Mane”

Descriptive Translation: Wild Horse Part Mane

4. 左右沖拳 zuo~ you\ chong- quan/

Literal Translation: “Left, Right, Dash, Fist”

Descriptive Translation: Left Right Dashing Punch

Section II【第二段】di\ er\ duan\

5. 雙開一字肘 shuang- kai- yi- zi\ zhou/

Literal Translation: “Double, Open, One, Character, Elbow”

Descriptive Translation: Double Elbow Punch (in the shape of the Chinese Character One, which is a horizontal straight line)

6. 掛炮迎門肘 gua\ pao\ ying/ men/ zhou/

Literal Translation: “Hang, Canon, Confront, Door, Elbow”

Descriptive Translation: Back Fist Forward Elbow Strike

7. 左右撇身炮 zuo~ you\ pie\ shen- pao\

Literal Translation: “Left, Right, Swift Stroke, Body, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Left Right Body Strike Punch

Section III【第三段】di\ san- duan\

8. 左右三搗水 zuo~ you\ san- dao~ sui~

Literal Translation: “Left, Right, Three, Stir, Water”

Descriptive Translation: Left and Right Stir Water Three Times

9. 左右蹬腳 zuo~ you\ deng\ jiao~

Literal Translation: “Left, Right, Kick, Foot”

Descriptive Translation: Left and Right Heel Kick

10. 掩手平心捶 yan~ shou~ ping/ xin- chui/

Literal Translation: “Cover, Hand, Horizontal, Heart, Punch”

Descriptive Translation: Cover Hand Chest Level Punch

11. 左右雙撞掌 zuo~ you\ shuang- zhuang\ zhang~

Literal Translation: “Left, Right, Double, Bang, Palm”

Descriptive Translation: Left Right Double Bang Palm

12. 進步雙拼肘 jin\ bu\ shuang- bin\ zhou~

Literal Translation: “Forward, Step, Double, Join, Elbow”

Descriptive Translation: Step Forward Double Elbow Strike

Section IV【第四段】di\ si\ duan\

13. 雀地龍沖炮 que- di\ long/ chong- pao\

Literal Translation: “Sparrow, Ground, Dragon, Dash, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Low Flying Dragon Dashing Punch

14. 插腳攔截炮 cha\ jiao~ lan/ jie/ pao\

Literal Translation: “Insert, Foot, Block, Intercept, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Step in Intercept Punch

Section V【第五段】di\ wu~ duan\

15. 左右護心捶 zuo~ you\ hu\ xin- chui/

Literal Translation: “Left, Right, Protect, Heart, Punch”

Descriptive Translation: Left Right Protect Heart Punch

16. 連環炮 lian/ huan/ pao\

Literal Translation: “Link, Chain, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Fast Multi-Punch

17. 穿梭回身炮 chuan- suo/ hui/ shen- pao\

Literal Translation: “Penetrate, Shuttle, Return, Body, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Forward Jump Turn and Punch

Section VI【第六段】di\ liu\ duan\

18. 紫燕抄水炮 zi~ yan\ chao- shui~ pao\

Literal Translation: “Purple, Swallow, Dip, Water3, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Purple Swallow Up and Down Punch

19. 連環回身炮 lian/ huan/ hui/ shen- pao\

Literal Translation: “Link, Chain, Return, Body, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Turn and Punch Multiple Times

Section VII【第七段】di\ qi- duan\

20. 分水陰腹炮 fen- shui~ yin- fu\ pao\

Literal Translation: “Separate, Water, Groin, Abdomen, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Parry then Low Swing Punch

21. 換步腰攔肘 huan\ bu\ yao- lan/ zhou/

Literal Translation: “Change, Step, Waist, Block, Elbow”

Descriptive Translation: Change Step, Block Waist, Elbow Strike

Section VIII【第八段】di\ ba- duan\

22. 繞步劈身炮 rao\ bu\ pi\ shen- pao\

Literal Translation: “Around, Step, Chop, Body, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Step Around, Split Body Fist

23. 穿心肘反手炮 chuan- xin- zhou/ fan~ shou~ pao\

Literal Translation: “Pierce, Heart, Elbow, Reverse, Hand, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Elbow Strike through the Heart, Reverse Hand Punch

24. 風掃梅收式 feng- sao~ mei/ shou- shi\

Literal Translation: “Wind, Sweep, Plum, Closing, Posture”

Descriptive Translation: Sweep and Close

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Foot Note:

  • 無極, wu/ ji/, “Nothingness, Extreme”, Ultimate Nothingness, a concept proposed by scholars of 易經, yi\ jing-, or I-Ching, “Change, Scripture”, the Book of Change, that refers to the Absence of Substance, Action, or in this context, absence of Movements and Wandering Thoughts.

  • 燕抄水, yan\ chao- shuiv, “Swallow, Dip, Water”, a literary expression of the act of swallow dipping and stirring water using the tip of their wings.