Biography of Master Zhang

Master Zhang Xue-Xin

Zhang Xue Xin (1928 - ) Chen Style Taiji 19th Generation Master

Master Zhang Xue Xin is currently considered one of the top Chen style Taiji experts in the United States. He has studied external (or "waijia") martial arts since he was nine years old. In 1963,he began studying both the "Lao Jia" and "Xin Jia" forms of Chen-style Taijiquan from various masters, including Li Ruiyuan, Rui Mongni, and Chen Zhaokuai (son of Chen Fa-Ke). In 1970, he settled in Beijing and studied with Feng Zhiqiang, and became Feng's top senior indoor student. In 1990, Master Zhang relocated to the United States.

Chen Zhaokui emphasized "qinna" (joint-locking and grappling techniques) and "silk-reeling" techniques. Feng Zhiqiang's training focused on internal power, push-hands, and sparring. Learning from these masters, Master Zhang emphasizes the importance of the silk-reeling spiral training exercises as well as placing a great deal of attention to the detail and application of the forms to facilitate the development of internal strength. In addition, he also teaches Qiqong to allow the student to recognize, cultivate and nurture pre-natal Qi and post-natal Qi.

Master Zhang taught Taijiquan in China for over ten years and was certified by the Chen Style Taiji Association. After he moved to the United States,he continued to teach Chen Style Taijiquan. Before he retired in 2013, he taught a large group of students in San Francisco, California, and ran workshops all over the world.

张学信 (1928 - ) 陈式太极第十九代宗师

张学信老师是公认在美国的陈式太极大师。张老师自九岁开始练外家拳。于1963年开始, 张老师便跟从多方名家学习陈式老架与新架太极拳, 包括李瑞元, 雷蒙尼, 与及陈照奎 (陈发科之子)。 1970年,张老师定居北京,便拜在冯志强老师门下,成为冯老师的入门弟子。 1990年,张老师迁居美国。

陈照奎老师注重擒拿与缠丝功。冯志强老师注重内劲,推手与散打。张老师合并两家之长, 注重缠丝功, 套路的用法, 和内劲的增长. 另外, 张老师也传授学生气功, 帮助学生们培养先天与后天元气.

张老师在中国教了十年太极, 持有陈式太极拳研究会所发的教练证书. 迁居美国后, 张老师继续教拳。在2013年退休前,张老师在加州三藩市有大群学生, 并在世界各地巡回主持研习班.