Classes Outside San Francisco Bay Area

Master Zhang has retired and is no longer teaching public classes. The following are information of classes taught by disciples and students of Master Zhang outside San Francisco Bay Area, in the United States and around the world.

St Louis, MO

Instructor J. Justin Meehan

Justitn Meehan or tel: 314-772-9494

Hun Yuan Taiji And Qigong of Feng Zhiqiang

8:30am-9:50am Sun

J. Justin Meehan has studied under Master Zhang Xue-Xin since 1991. He is the Wid-Western Central States Regional Director of the Feng Zhiqiang Taiji Academy Master Zhang Xue-Xin and certified Qigong Instructor under Master Liang Shou Yu and recognized Qigong Instructor by the National Qigong Association of America. He first studied under Grand Master Feng in Beijing China in 1981. He has written over 30 articles in Taiji and Qigong, including an article in the Hun Yuan system of Grand Master Feng which can be found on his website

He credits the success of Grand Master Feng's San Francisco 2001 workshop to the teaching of Master Zhang. "Grand Master Feng is like the wheel, but Master Zhang's teachings were like the spokes of the wheel. As Master Zhang has stated repeatedly "Details - Gold". We wish to thank Master Zhang and his students helping us to prepare for meeting Grand Master Feng."

Please note that for transcript of a recent interview with Grand Master Feng by J. Justin Meehan see

Instructor Herbert Parran

Herb practiced Taiji for 21 years with Sifu Justin, who gave him a title of teacher in August of 2000. Herb started his school in April 1998.

Feng Zhiqiang Taiji Academy

5619 Pershing Ave

St Louis, Mo. 63112


Herb Parran

Denver, Colorado

Instructor Mark Becker

Mark (BB) Becker has practiced TaiJi since 1979. In 1986 he began studying Chen Style with Liang Baiping. In 1993 he attended a summer workshop with Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang in Beijing. After the workshop Grand Master Feng suggested that he study with Master Zhang Xue-Xin after his return to the United States. “I remember going to San Francisco with a picture of both Grandmaster Feng and me and showing it to Master Zhang who excitedly said, “That’s my teacher” with a big grin.

That was how I introduced myself to Master Zhang and it was the beginning of a very special relationship for me. From 1994 to 2000 I taught the Hun Yuan Taiji System at the Colorado Free University. Afterwards, I continued to teach a small Private Unit Class in Denver’s Washington Park. Master Zhang showed me how to attend to details with great care so that the development of Chi becomes a true possibility for the student. In October 2019 I was honored to become a Disciple Student of Master Zhang.

303 917-4179

Denver Area, Littleton, Colorado

Instructor Ringo Segismundo

Qi-Gong classes:

  • Saturdays 9:00am - 11:00am at Stern Park in Littleton

  • Sundays 8:30am - 9:45am at Kosha Yoga Center also in Littleton

Our Qi Gong will cover: breathing exercises, Hun Yuan Qi Gong, basic 8 exercises, to open the twelve meridians, 13 stretches to have our body flexible and buoyant, six healing sounds, the Golden Eight, Silk Reeling, Wuji and more…

808 634-2673

Columbus, Ohio

Instructor Jeff Radcliff and Vinnie Rivera

Bristol, UK

Instructor Ben Milton

Teaches at the Bristol School of Tai Chi Chuan. Follow this link for latest curriculum.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Instructor Laura Carmichael

For more information contact Laura Carmichael at (20) 685 1070


Chen style is the oldest of the five major styles of Taijiquan. Taiji is a martial art, derived 20 generations ago in China, and is known for its positive benefits for life, mental acuity, health and discipline based on Taoist principles. Its combination of fast and slow, and soft and hard movements set it apart from other schools of Taijiquan.

Chen style taiji has a long tradition, and though it tends to be less known in the West, it is a very rich and energetic form with solid and safe methods for practice. In addition to its health benefits, such as improved immunity, circulation and flexibility, this practice of cultivated awareness has many practical applications, including developing ease while performing or speaking, energized public presence, reduction of stage fright, a wider scope of concentration, and improved comfort while working long hours. Many students of taiji experience increased energy levels and decreased tension, and over time an improved mental outlook.

While the beginning student of taiji is mainly concerned with learning the external forms, qi gong will lead to coordination of external and internal movements, intake and exhalation of breath, and harmony of energies. A student develops a solid "root," or ability to stand firmly, yet without excess tension. Awareness and directed intention are essential aspects of taiji.


My emphasis is on relaxation and a traditional foundation copied as closely as possible from my teacher Master Zhang XueXin, 19th generation Chen Master, a senior student of Feng Zhi Qiang. I hope to give students a practical introduction to our style and flavor of taiji, in a non-competitve atmosphere where ease in the body, coordination and self awareness can be cultivated. Martial applications inform the forms and exercises, which are calm and beautiful and very good for health. These exercises can be done by almost anyone, and are adaptable for any level of experience. Exercises can be practiced easily outside of class, and begin a base for further advancement.

Other elements which will be addressed are balance, using the mind to direct the body/self, being quiet and "listening inside" the body, release of excess tension, mental concentration and awareness, the flow of qi (chi), and the development of strength. There will be an emphasis on correct movement and intention, coordination, mental attitude, and the internal flow of energy within the external movement.

My teaching of taiji is also informed by Alexander Technique and its concern for freedom of movement and well-being. Using my varied background, I assist students with problems and offer practical corrections. I strive to create a calm yet alert class environment where students are self- empowered through the art of taiji.

Other examples of class elements are: training whole body movement and power, using abdominal and low back muscles to initiate movement, develop the idiomatic spiraling and twining energy, develop the fundamental concepts of opening and closing and chest stomach folding exercises, relieve stiffness as all major joints in the body are released and opened, basics of self-care using accu-pressure points.

Instructor Laura Carmichael is an American student of Master Zhang XueXin, 19th generation Chen Master, a senior student of Feng Zhi Qiang, one of the great living teachers of Chen style taiji today. Ms. Carmichael began studies with Zhang Xue Xin in 1995 in San Francisco, CA. She now brings Master Zhang's taiji to Amsterdam under his approval. Ms. Carmichael has spent more than ten years working with body awareness and movement, including extended studies of the Alexander Technique with John Baron. She is also a professional classical musician and teacher. In addition to emphasizing the martial and health aspects of taiji, she specializes in working with musicians and performers, and with individuals recovering from injuries and chronic pain, having herself recovered from severe spinal injuries resulting from an automobile accident.

Please refer to for more information about the school and her lineage.

For information about Alexander Technique

Costa Rica

Instructor Patricia Mitchell

Patricia Mitchell has been a Taiji practitioner for over 20 years. She lives in Costa Rica. She has been studying the Xin Yi Hun Yuan Taiji system from Master Zhang Xue Xin since 1991. She teaches classes and offers retreats at the White Cloud Tai Chi Academy in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. For more information please see web site,