Biography of Grand Master Feng

Grandmaster Feng Zhi-qiang

Feng Zhi Qiang (1926-2012) Chen Style Taiji 18th Generation Master

Master Feng Zhi-Qiang of Beijing is a prominent master of great skill. Grand Master Feng Zhi-Qiang was born in 1926 in Hebei province, and passed away in 2012 in his late 80s. Grand Master Feng, was the Vice President of Beijing Municipal Martial Arts Association, President of Beijing Municipal Chen-style Taijiquan Research Institute and head of Zhiqiang Martial Arts Club. He is noted for his development of the Chen Shi Xin Yi Hun Yuan Taijiquan system.

Grand Master Feng grew up in a martial art family, and took to martial arts in his childhood. He began to practice martial arts at eight, and learned a great variety of martial styles such as Shao-Ling Tong-Zi-Gong. Later, he learned Tong-Bei-Quan from Han Xiao-Feng in He-Bei, Liu-He-Xing-Yi Quan from Hu Yao-Zhen of Shan-Xi, and Ba-Gua-Zhang from several famous masters. In 1951, on Master Hu Yao-Zhen's recommendation, Feng began to learn the Chen-style Tai-Ji-Quan from the well known 17th generation master Chen Fa-Ke in Beijing.

冯志强 (1926 - 2012) 陈式太极第十八代宗师

当代杰出的太极宗师, 北京冯志强老师, 生于1926年河北省, 逝世于2012. 冯老师是陈式心意混元太极拳的创始人, 曾任北京市武协副主席, 陈式太极拳研究会会长,与志强武馆馆长.

冯老师出身武术世家,自幼习武. 八岁开始, 便广习少林童子功等个门武功. 后从河北韩晓峰习通臂拳, 山西胡耀贞习六合心意拳, 与及多方名家习八卦掌. 于1951 年, 在胡耀贞的推荐下, 冯老师便拜在陈氏太极十七代宗师陈发科门下, 学习陈氏太极拳.