Relaxation Exercise


1. 降气洗脏 Jiang\ qi\ xi~ zang\

Literal: “lowering, energy, wash, organ”

Descriptive: lower energy, flush organs

2. 左右阴阳 Zhuo~ you\ ying- yang/

Literal: “left, right, ying, yang”

Descriptive: alternating ying yang

3. 左右车轮(顺逆)Zhuo~ you\ che- lun/ (xun\ ni\)

Literal: “left, right, cart, wheel (forward, reverse)”

Descriptive: alternating cart wheel (forward and reverse)

4. 左右按掌 Zhuo~ you\ an\ zhang~

Literal: “left, right, press, palm”

Descriptive: alternating palm press

5. 左右旋腕(顺逆)Zhuo~ you\ xuan/ wan\ (xun\ ni\)

Literal: “left, right, spin, wrist (forward, reverse)”

Descriptive: double wrist spin (forward and reverse)

6. 左右摆柳 Zhuo~ you\ bai~ liu~

Literal: “left, right, swing, willow”

Descriptive: alternating swinging willow

7. 风摆荷叶(上下)Feng- bai~ he/ ye\ (shang\ xia\)

Literal: “wind, swing, lotus, leaf”

Descriptive: wind swing lotus leaf (high and low)

8. 左右摘星换月(顺逆)Zhuo~ you\ zai- xing- huan\ yue\ (xun\ ni\)

Literal: “left, right, pluck, star, replace, moon (forward, reverse)”

Descriptive: alternating pluck star replace moon (forward and reverse)

9. 白蛇吐信(顺逆)Bai/ she/ tu~ xin\ (xun\ ni\)

Literal: “white, snake, spits, tongue (forward, reverse)”

Descriptive: white snake spits tongue (forward and reverse)

10. 腹前穿梭 Fu\ qian/ chuan- suo-

Literal: “abdomen, front, pierce, shuttle”

Descriptive: shuttling in front of abdomen

11. 劳宫灌气 Lao/ gong-2 guan\ qi\

Literal: “labor, palace, pour, qi”

Descriptive: pour energy into palm

12. 三丹往返 San- dan- wang~ fan~

Literal: “three, pills, go, return”

Descriptive: three dan-tien3 rotation

13. 迎风摆柳 Ying/ feng- bai~ liu~

Literal: “welcome, wind, swing, willow”

Descriptive: willow swinging in the wind

14. 白猿献果(顺逆)Bai/ yuan/ xian\ guo~ (xun\ ni\)

Literal: “white, ape, presents, fruits (forward, reverse)”

Descriptive: white ape presents fruits (forward and reverse)

15. 胸腹折叠 Xiong- fu\ zhe/ tie/

Literal: “chest, abdomen, fold, stack”

Descriptive: chest and abdomen folding

16. 天女散花 Tian- nü~ san\ hua-

Literal: “heaven, lady, spreads, flower”

Descriptive: celestial lady spreads flower

17. 转腹归元 Zhuan~ fu\ gui- yuan/

Literal: “rotate, abdomen, return, origin”

Descriptive: rotate abdomen, return to origin

18. 收功 Shou- gong\

Literal: “close, exercise”

Descriptive: closing posture


    1. The marking after the phonetic pronunciation (according to the Pin Yin system) is the tonal inflection of the vowel(s), i.e. The symbol ‘-‘ is for high pitch but constant tone, ‘/’ is for rising (in pitch) tone, ‘~’ is for dropping then rising, ‘\’ is for dropping.

    2. Lao/ gong-, “Labor, Palace”, Chinese name of the acupuncture point in the middle of the palm.

  1. The middle, lower and back “Dan-Tien”.