Hun-Yuan 24 Moves


chen/1 shi\ xin- yi\ hun/ yuan/ er\ shi/ si\ shi\ tai\ ji/ quan/

“Chen, Style, Heart, Intention, Mix, Element, Two, Ten, Four, Posture, Grand, Ultimate, Fist”

Chen Style Xin-Yi Hun-Yuan Twenty-Four Movements Tai Ji Form

Section I【第一段】di\ yi- duan\

1. 無極起式 wu/ ji/ qi~ shi\

Literal Translation: “Nothing, Ultimate2, Starting, Posture”

Descriptive Translation: Starting Posture

2. 金刚捣碓 jin- gang- dao~ dui-

Literal Translation: “Buddha’s Warrior, Pound, Mortar”

Descriptive Translation: Buddha’s Warrior Pound Mortar

3. 懒扎衣 lan~ zha- yi-

Literal Translation: “Lazy, Tie, Coat”

Descriptive Translation: Leisurely Tie Coat

4. 六封四閉 liu\ feng- si\ bi\

Literal Translation: “Six, Blocking, Four, Closing”

Descriptive Translation: Six Blocking Four Closing

5. 单鞭 dan- bien-

Literal Translation: “Single, Whip”

Descriptive Translation: Single Whip

6. 白鹤亮翅 bai/ he\ liang\ chi\

Literal Translation: “White, Crane, Show, Wings”

Descriptive Translation: White Crane Spreads Wings

Section II【第二段】di\ er\ duan\

7. 斜行拗步 xie/ xing/ ao/ bu\

Literal Translation: “Diagonal, Walk, Twist, Step”

Descriptive Translation: Walk Obliquely and Twist Step

8. 提收式 ti/ shou- shi\

Literal Translation: “Lift, Keep, Posture”

Descriptive Translation: Lift Hands and Raise Knee

9. 前蹚拗步 qian/ tang/ ao/ bu\

Literal Translation: “Forward, Wade, Twist, Step”

Descriptive Translation: Wade Forward and Twist Step

10. 掩手肱捶 yen~ shou~ gong- (or more commonly hong/) chui/

Literal Translation: “Cover, Hand, Arm, Punch ”

Descriptive Translation: Cover Hand Punch

11. 披身捶 pi- shen- chui/

Literal Translation: “Drape, Body, Punch”

Descriptive Translation: Shield Body Punch

12. 背折靠 bei\ zhe/ kao\

Literal Translation: “Back, Fold, Lean”

Descriptive Translation: Fold and Lean with Back

Section III【第三段】di\ san- duan\

13. 青龙出水 qing- long/ chu- shui~

Literal Translation: “Green, Dragon, Emerge, Water”

Descriptive Translation: Green Dragon Emerge from Water

14. 双推手 shuang- tui- shou~

Literal Translation: “Double, Push, Hand”

Descriptive Translation: Double Push Hand

15. 三换掌 san- huan\ zhang~

Literal Translation: “Three, Change, Palm”

Descriptive Translation: Three Change Palm

16. 倒捲肱 tao\ juan~ gong- (or more commonly hong/)

Literal Translation: “Reverse, Roll, Arm”

Descriptive Translation: Reverse Roll Arm

17. 退步壓肘 tui\ bu\ ya- zhou~

Literal Translation: “Back, Step, Press, Elbow”

Descriptive Translation: Step Back Press Elbow

18. 中盤 zhong- pan/

Literal Translation: “Middle, Winding”

Descriptive Translation: Middle Winding

Section IV【第四段】di\ si\ duan\

19. 閃通背 shan~ tong- bei\

Literal Translation: “Dodge, Through, Back”

Descriptive Translation: Dodge through Back

20. 擊地捶 ji- di\ chui/

Literal Translation: “Hit, Ground, Punch”

Descriptive Translation: Ground Punch

21. 平心捶 ping/ xin- chui/

Literal Translation: “Horizontal, Heart, Punch”

Descriptive Translation: Chest Level Punch

22. 煞腰壓肘 sha- yao- ya- zhou~

Literal Translation: “Tighten/Stop, Waist, Press, Elbow”

Descriptive Translation: Snap Waist Press Elbow

23. 當頭炮 dang- tou/ pao\

Literal Translation: “Match, Head, Canon”

Descriptive Translation: Head -On Punch

24. 收式 shou- shi\

Literal Translation: “Closing, Posture”

Descriptive Translation: Closing Posture

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Foot Note:

無極, wu/ ji/, “Nothingness, Extreme”, Ultimate Nothingness, a concept proposed by scholars of 易經, yi\ jing-, or I-Ching, “Change, Scripture”, the Book of Change, that refers to the Absence of Substance, Action, or in this context, absence of Movements and Wandering Thoughts.