Qigong Phases


The following is just my own attempt at organizing Hunyuan QIgong exercises into its functional intent and practice sequence. Practitioner should perform all phases in order, picking a couple of exercises per phase each with at least 3 or as many repetition as one see fit. Bear in mind that it is not necessary to perform all exercises in every single session, it is more important to prioritize quality over quantity.

Note: perform these between every exercise

    • 降氣歸丹功 Return Energy to Center

    • 無極守丹功 Meditate and Observe Center

I. 洗 Cleansing

    • 降濁洗臓功 Flush from Top

    • 三丹吐纳功 Three “Energy Tunnels” Breathing

II. 采气 Gathering

    • 天陽抓墜功 Gather Energy from Heaven

    • 地陰提抓功 Gather Energy from Earth

    • 三丹採氣功 Gather Energy into three “Energy Centers”

    • 左右收氣入丹功 Gather Energy from both side for all three “Energy Centers”

III. 开合 Growing

    • 雙手開合功 Palm Facing Squeeze and Pull - “Accordion”, for all three “Energy Centers”

    • 開合大力功 Open Close Strengthening - “Gorilla”

    • 採氣抓閉功 Grab and Close - “Pulling tower bell rope”

IV. 旋转 Circulating

    • 環形收缩功 Circular Extend/Contract Body, alternating front step

    • 带脉磨盤功 “Grindstone” Waist Turn

    • 雙腿提降功 Leg Circulation (Single and Double)

    • 雙手轉勞宮 Turn Sphere in Palm

    • 日月旋轉功 (+甩手旋腕搓掌順氣) “Sun” “Moon” Chest/Trunk Circulation (+shake palm, turn wrist, rub hand, down stroke)

V. 收功 Winding Down

    • 洗頭健腦功 (保健功) Head/Brain Circular Wash (+Sinus/Face Massage)

    • 拍打功 Slap and Activate

    • 金鸡抖翎 Shake and Rattle

  • 轉腹還原功 Circular Gather and Return