Classes in San Francisco Bay Area

Master Zhang has retired and is no longer teaching public classes. The following are information of classes taught by disciples and students of Master Zhang in San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco Bay Area Classes

Instructor Kat Kroll

Kat Kroll has studied and taught Taijiquan and Qi-gong for over 30 years - the last decade or more as a senior disciple of Master Zhang Xue Xin, learning Chen styles.

  • Golden Gate Park, Music Concourse near the Japanese tea garden.

    • Saturday and Sunday mornings 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

  • YMCA (on the roof) at l8th and Geary, San Francisco

    • Mon, Fri. 7:00 - 9:00 A.M.

Her classes work primarily on Qi Gong, Spiral Power and refining the 83. Saber, sword and 77 are also addressed. New students have individual instruction. The goals of our practice our health and a deeper enjoyment of life.

For information call Kat at (4l5) 386-0243 or e-mail

Instructor Kate Stenberg

Kate Stenberg began her studies in Chen Style Hunyuan Taijiquan with Master Zhang Xuexin in 1991 and she is a disciple of Master Zhang. She is currently assisting in the teaching of classes in Golden Gate Park on Saturday and Sunday mornings and has previously taught at the Richmond YMCA in San Francisco, The Millberry Fitness Center and the Women’s Cancer Center at the University of California in San Francisco.

She is now offering new Chen Style Tai Chi classes at Urban Holistic in Potrero Hill, San Francisco. Tuesdays at 7:30AM - 8:45AM. Please contact Urban Holistic for more information.

Address: 1500 16th St. San Francisco CA 94103

Phone: 415-780-1152



Kate Stenberg

Instructor Brian Guan

Brian Guan

Brian Guan has been studying martial arts and Taichi for most of his life since his teenage years copying his father in the park. When he moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 1996 he fell in love with Hunyuan Chen Style when he met Master Zhang in Golden Gate Park and began studying this unique style of Taichi seriously. He eventually became a disciple of Master Zhang in year 2000, and became an assistant teacher in Master Zhang's class.

Brian has translated, assisted and/or co-hosted several workshops, including a 2001 weeklong camp in Santa Cruz with Grand Master Feng Zhi-Qiang, 2011 weekend workshop with Master Zhang in St. Louis, and several visits by Master Chen Xiang in San Francisco Bay Area in the last few years.

Brian is no longer teaching public classes but could be persuaded to do so again if there is enough interest in Palo Alto where he lives.

Instructor Malcolm Dean

Malcolm Dean

Malcolm is the founder and head instructor of the San Francisco Hunyuan Tai Chi Academy. He is a formal disciple of Master Zhang Xuexin, with whom he has studied intensively for over 20 years

Instructor Linda Brown

Linda Brown

Linda Brown began her study of Taijiquan in 1986, and became a student of Chen Style Hunyuan Taijiquan under Master Zhang Xuexin in 1992. Under Master Zhang's tutelage, she has received instruction in Hun Yuan Qigong, Chan Si Gong (Silk reeling exercises), the short Hun Yuan form (24), the Chen New Frame Yi Lu (83) and Er Lu (71) forms, 24 Cannon Fist, Taiji sword, and push hands.

Linda began teaching classes in the Napa Valley in 2002, at the recommendation of Master Zhang. Her classes are intended to introduce residents of the Napa Valley to the many health benefits of Taijiquan, including stimulation of the internal organs, strengthened nervous system, improved blood circulation, stress reduction, improved balance and coordination, enhanced immune system, better posture, improved focus and concentration, and increased flexibility and range of motion. Classes focus on the practice of Taiji as both a moving meditation and a martial art, based on the principles of harmony and balance (as symbolized by the Yin-Yang), yielding, softness, centeredness, slowness, balance, suppleness and rootedness.

In addition to her Taiji studies, Linda has been a long-time student of Ayengar yoga, and provided Tai Chi instruction to the Yoga Garden Dance Troupe during its 6 years of performance in the Bay Area. She has also taught introductory Taiji workshops at the Diablo Yoga Center and on behalf of the Women's Environmental Network. Linda is also co-founder and Vice President of Scientific Certification Systems, a third-party certification company specializing in environmental and food safety issues.


Classes are currently offered through three Napa venues, Tuesday through Friday:

Napa Valley College Community Education Program (free enrollment through college)

Wednesday and Friday Mornings, Fuller Park, 7:15 - 8:15 am

Thursday Evenings, NVC Community Education Center, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Exertec Fitness Center (both members or drop-ins welcome)

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings, 10:45 am - noon.

Napa Department of Health and Human Services

Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons, 12:15 - 1:15 lunchtime class.

In addition, a practice group meets regularly on Saturday mornings at Fuller Park.

For more details about class content, locations and schedules, please call 707-254-1001.

Instructor Cheryl Yonker

Cheryl Yonker

Ongoing class meets Mondays and Fridays, 9:30am - 11:00am.

Goldern Gate Park, 9th Ave. entrance, Band-shell Concourse near Asian Art Musuem. New Students welcome.

Class begins with Hun Yuan Qigong (chi cultivation) and the fundamental Silk Reeling Exercises which were developed within the lineage of Chen Fa Ke (1887 - 1957), transmitted by Feng Zhiqiang and brought to this country from China by Zhang Xuexin. These exercises are used to open up all the major joints of the body and to develop spiraling power, as well as introduce the basic movement elements of the Chen Taiji forms. This is followed by practice of the 24 posture Hun Yuan form, movement by movement.

Cheryl Yonker is longtime practitioner of movement and an experienced educator. she has trained with Zhang Xuexin since 1991 and has received instruction in Hun Yuan Qigong, Chan Si Gong (Silk reeling exercises), the Chen New Frame Yi Lu (83) and Er Lu (71) forms, 24 Cannon Fist Taiji sword, and push hands. She began teaching in 1994 at the recommendation of Master Zhang.

Her teaching also reflects experience as a modern dancer (mentor, Lucas Hoving), a certified instructor of the bodymind work of Joseph Pilates, a student of Charlotte Selver's Sensory Awareness, Zen Buddhist practice and various somatic studies.

Please call for more information, class registration and additional class times: (510) 393-9969

Instructor Judy Tang

Judy Tang and Master Zhang

Judy Tang has studied Yang and Chen style Tai Chi starting at age 6 from her parents. However, stopped after 5 years as other childhood activities seemed more interesting. 20 years later, she became wiser, and found Master Zhang Xue Xin in San Francisco and started learning Hunyuan Tai Chi in 2009. Although 20 years passed, the roots and foundation of Yang and Chen style Tai Chi from her childhood days were still present and she was able to learn both the Hunyuan 83 and 77 forms within one year. Judy is a disciple of Master Zhang Xue Xin.

Judy is currently teaching Silk Reeling, Qi Gong & the 24 Hunyuan Tai Chi Form every other Sundays at Dolores Park from 9:30am to 10:45am. Class schedule can be found here:

Judy also occasionally helps Kat Kroll's class on Saturdays at Golden Gate Park.

Instructor Michael Chang

Born in Taiwan, moved to San Francisco bay area in 1984. Since 1993, Michael studied with 19th generation Chen Tai Chi master Zhang XueXin 張學信 for more than 20 years. In year 2000, Michael also took a trip to studied with 18th generation Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang 馮志強 in Beijing, China. In 2007, Michael was accepted by Master Zhang XueXin as a formal 20th generation in-door disciple. Michael is now offering classes in Fremont, CA area.

Website :

Instructor Hsio-Fen and Jeff Marchese

The Hunyuan Taiji of Walnut Creek was founded by Hsiao-Fen Marchese and Jeff Marchese. Both began their training in Chinese martial ars in 1988, first in Tai Chi Praying Mantis style Kung Fu and then Chen style Taijiquan with Master Wong, Lam Ling (王林陵), before concentrating their training primarily on Hunyuan Taijiquan with Master Zhang, Xue Xin (張學信), a disciple of Grand Master Feng, Zhiqiang (馮志強).

Hsio-Fen, Jeff and Master Zhang